Top 5 Ways to Earn Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019

Earning Bitcoin (BTC) was easy in the early days - but it is still possible to earn Bitcoin in 2019. Starting on your crypto journey, it’s important to pick reputable sources and avoid scams as you work to collect satoshis. Here are 5 easy ways to earn Bitcoin today.



The MoonBitcoin faucet is probably one of the most popular ways to gain small amounts of Bitcoin (BTC). Faucets are, generally speaking, a slow way to gain Satoshis. Faucets usually require the solving of captchas, and regular logins mean special bonuses are added. The micro wallet for the faucet also allows exchanges between coins, so even earning altcoins may translate into more Satoshis.


Earn BTC for Shopping

The Lolli platform offers m...

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