Vision, objectives

Konos Portfolio Management System is intending to represent an unique access-point web-based application dedicated to both professional portfolio managers and individual users, being an integrated financial platform that is covering the processing of a wide variety of financial assets (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, virtual currencies), which is built with the aim to facilitate the investment decision-making process (buy, sell, hold, etc.) as well as all the related reporting facilities (financial statements, account statements, income statements, fiscal burdens, etc).

In our Vision, the application is meant to offer an all-inclusive financial services package used in the asset management and financial portfolio services businesses. All the specific features would be accessed through a single interface, by both professional investors and retail clients.

The main tasks that the application would perform consists of:

  • Execute a "live" valuation of any portfolio's market-value as a result of consolidating the individual values of all the registered financial assets holdings, regardless of their type and their support markets;
  • Provide specific trading tools by means of displaying market prices, market trends, price alerts, etc;
  • Prepare all the reporting paperwork related to selected financial assets portfolios (reports, data access, information processing, etc).


The application will provide a single, direct and consolidated access over the whole portfolio's holdings by means of a set of reporting facilities implemented at the individual financial-assets level within the selected portfolio, while providing in the same time valuable real-time inputs relating to market regulations specifics pertaining to each financial asset traded over various markets/countries. In addition, the application will provide clients with a reporting engine that will provide various portfolio analytics as well as financial, income and fiscal reports.

On the investors-side' behavioral approach (both professional and retail) one can note that they tend to diversify the holdings of their global portfolios based on their personal investment strategies and profiles, which, in turn, on the portfolio management side of the story it means that they actually: operate trading accounts held with several intermediaries/brokers; make use of different trading platforms; manage their risks and exposures by means of investing in several classes of financial assets and potentially on several currencies.

Consequently, managing such a diversified portfolio could be a burdensome process, being quite hard to consolidate in a single place all the tasks of analyzing, blending and evaluating a diversified portfolio. Doing all these manually is a bureaucratic, complex and laborious activity, especially when it comes to consolidating the tax regulations and fiscal reporting over different markets and asset classes.

To solve these problems, it is our Strategy to come up with a software application able to provide front-office tools seconded by suitable back-office solutions, all blended into a single product, which strengthens the capabilities of a "live" diversified portfolio, being able in the same time to provide a practical solution to all legal and fiscal regulations, everything build into a single safe product meant to reduce investors' compliance and reporting costs.

Our portfolio management platform has been developed to easily accept portfolios formed of multiple financial assets traded over a variety of support markets, being able to generate multi-currency reports issued in several foreign languages. The web-based application uses an English-based interface and it will be marketed to global investors (with a particular focus on European markets), while the investors have the option to select various languages to issue their reports. In addition, several user-interfaces and set of reporting tools are available to different classes of investors.